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05 Sep

Team Review & OKR setting

One of the most valuable things we did in the past in our tribe cult err team was a Team Review in a circle format. We haven’t done it yet in 2018 due to lack of time (that’s an area we should improve) but we `ll be doing it on the last Wednesday of September.

How it works

The team will sort of sit in a circle – similar to what we do in brainstorming. This will be done separately for the Product Team and separately for the Business Team for practical reasons – 31 people in a circle is not very efficient even though in the past we did this with the whole team.

– The format is share one thing each person does positively, one thing they can improve and then again one thing they do positively

– Start from one person who will be the one receiving feedback this round.

– Person on his left starts by saying something positive about him (less than 10 seconds).

– As soon as they finish person on the left, says something positive about the person receiving feedback.

– When everyone has said something positive, the 1st person shares something the person receiving the feedback can improve. Do this until everyone has shared something the person can improve

-When everyone has shared something that can be improved, the 1st person shared something that the person receiving feedback does very well.

How to make this work

This is a tough process and can only work if all team members are very well prepared. Being prepared is essential as it:

– allows for the feedback to flow very quickly

– will help provide multiple different points instead of repeating the same point


How to prepare

The ideal way to prepare is to create a list with 5 positive things and 5 things each member of your team can improve. That way, when your turn comes up you will be able to share points fast, and also share different points if some of your points have been mentioned by other people


Why the positive-negative-positive format?

The challenge with feedback is not the giving part – it’s the receiving part.

There are a lot of experiments out there that show that the format positive-negative-positive is more effective because it makes the receiver be more relaxed because they feel that the team appreciates their work, and is providing the negative feedback to help them improve.

On top of that, and equally importantly, every team member needs to know what they are doing well to continue doing it.

Having people change their positives/good habits after such a meeting would be a very bad result, and sharing the positives helps everyone understand what they are doing well


That’s it. See you on the last Wednesday of September

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