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27 Apr

[Closed]Summer Internship Program

Working with Great people is our passion at Ideas2life (the team behind AtYourService and Foody).

Our goal is to have the most hard workingfast learningdedicated people who thrive when working in teams join our team.

We currently have 5 full time team members (who all own shares of the company) and 3 part time team members.

Our next milestone is 12 full time team members which will help us improve our current projects and of course bring many more Ideas 2 Life.

To find the best people we are currently in cooperation with all Universities in Cyprus, provide subjects for student projects and dissertations and run an awesome summer internship program.

Last year we run an internship program with 8 great participants – one of them is now in our team, another one cooperates part time with us while at University in Greece and the rest are still in University.

Since it went so well, we will be organize another great Internship program for 5 different positions.

2 x Web Developers
1 x Growth Hacking & Online Marketing
1 x UI/UX Design
1 x Sales & Operations

All internships will be 2 month programs starting on the 1st of June

Why do we do it?

  1. To work with Amazing People and evaluate possible future partners
  2. To transmit our team culture and help build the startup ecosystem
  3. To Receive new ideas on a wide range of topics

Why should you do it?

  1. To work with an actual startup team and see the daily challenges from the inside.
  2. To gain extensive knowledge and experience on the topic that you will be working on.
  3. To receive coaching and mentoring from an Amazing Startup Team.

What you will do

  1. Work at an awesome Startup Environment
  2. Have a Mentor, as well as receive mentorship from all Team Members
  3. Work on a Topic with Specific Goals and Time Frames.
  4. Participate in all Team Meetings and Events
  5. Receive an awesome and fair evaluation on your Linked in Page at the end of the Program.
  6. Present the Results of the Internship to the Team at the end of 2 months

Web Development Internship

-Work with Laravel and Slim frameworks
-Optimize code and decouple functionality to independent libraries
-Deployment on Microsoft Azure

We are looking for someone who knows MySQL, PHP and ideally is familiar with the sling framework

Online Marketing Internship 

– Find the best (based on results) ways to achieve growth for AtYourService & Foody
– View Results of 1000s of Facebook and Google Ads, AB Test optimize, and work with design internship to create amazing new ads
– Improve Content Marketing strategy

Design Internship

– Review and Redesign User Flow and Optimize Conversions (CRO)
– Test and optimize Images used on websites and all Marketing activities
– Work with Online Marketing Internship to create new ads

Sales & Operations Internship

– Create and execute an action plan to expand our partner network
– Optimize Communications channels with existing and potential partners
– Identify and Implement improvement opportunities in our operational process

Want to experience the fast pace and the highs, lows and challenges of working at a startup team?

Send us an email at [email protected] with 1 paragraph (less than 100 words) on why you d love to join our team and your CV. 

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