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06 Oct

[Closed] Software Developers

Hey there,

Our Product Team is growing fast and we are looking for all types of Software Developers to join our team. Specifically, we are looking for:
Web Developers (Full stack, Client Side, Backend)
Mobile Developers (Hybrid & Native)
DevOps Engineers

So if you constantly find yourself thinking “is this the best way I can build this, but at the same time have the ability to be practical when you find yourself going down a rabbit hole and say “fuck it – i’m moving forward even though i don’t have all the answers”

and if when you feel frustrated with something, you just build a better way to do it


and you like working with teams, building real products and learn at a pace you never imagined before…


Let’s have a chat.

Our Technology Stack

Our product uses a microservices (bounded context) architecture and thus new features can be built in a different language framework:

– Javascript (typescript) / NG-X (Angular 6 now)
– PHP (symfony components and inhouse frameworks), NodeJS  
– MySQL/Maria DB, Nosql Databases, GraphQL
– Linux/Ubuntu Servers

We are looking for developers with a passion for code and in depth understanding irrespective of their current skill level in the above frameworks & technologies.

We also don’t have a preference for years of experience; some of our developers had years of experience before joining our team while others were fresh out of university.

You can read more about our team here – reading it is an easy way to see if you are a good fit with our team.

If you believe you are a great fit please send us a message at [email protected]

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