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23 Nov

[Closed] Growth & Marketing Professional

Hey there,

Our Growth & Marketing  Team is growing fast and we are looking for one or more Growth & Marketing Professionals to help our team level up.


Our Main Growth & Channels

Our team runs a lot of Campaigns on many different channels, including:

– Facebook Advertising
– Google AdWords
– App Store Optimization
– Content Creation – Text
– Content Creation – Video
– Traditional Marketing (TV, Radio & Outdoor Billboards)
We are looking for either a great Professional that can lead our Growth & Marketing team or people who can join and lead specific functions of it. 


Our Ideal new team member(s) will have the following:

1. A data-driven approach
2. In depth Understanding of how to build a brand
3. Creativity
4. Passion for learning (This is the key ingredient of our team)
Let’s expand a bit on the first point – Data Driven approach. As a team we try to make most of our decisions based on Hypothesis & Data instead of listening to whoever has the loudest voice.
Having a data driven approach means:
a. being able to define the Metrics that matter,
b. formulate hypotheses
c. design tests to asses them
d. discuss change your mind based on evidence


So if you constantly find yourself thinking “is this really the best ad this company can create”, then immediately think of how would do it and most importantly immediately think of how you would test your hypothesis then let’s have a chat.

You can read more about our team here – reading it is an easy way to see if you are a good fit with our team.

If you believe you are a great fit to either lead our Marketing & Growth team, or lead a specific function of it please send us a message at [email protected]

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