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16 Jun

[Closed]Web & Mobile Developers

If you constantly find yourself thinking “is this the best way I can build this,

but at the same time you have the ability to be practical when you find yourself going down a rabbit hole and say “fuck it – i’m moving forward even though i don’t have all the answers”

and if when you feel frustrated with something, you just build a better way to do it

and you like working with teams, in an agile environment that will get you off your comfort zone and at the same time help you learn at a pace you never imagined before…

Join the Ideas2Life AtYourService and Foody team :)



-Our team develops using the Agile methodology
-No experience is needed but to succeed in this position you must enjoy developing in an agile environment
-We develop in PHP/MySQL and Javascript/Angular. We mostly use Slim Framework with Eloquent ORM and we`ll probably be switching to Laravel soon

Nevertheless, we are looking for developers with a great understanding of code irrespective of their current skill level in the above frameworks.


You can read more about our team here – please read this before sending us your CV as it’s an easy way for you to determine if you are good fit for our team.

If you believe you are a great fit please send us your CV along with your message at [email protected]

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