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20 Apr

Customer Service Associate for
We are looking for awesome people to help our team with Customer Service support at


The main responsibilities will be to:


  1. Communicate with Customers, Restaurants and Professionals and provide Customer Service & support via phone, email and chat
  2. Reply to customer emails, or posts on Social media


The open positions are for full time or part time work between 16:00 and 00:00 on weekdays & weekends. Each employee will work with a set schedule 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.


The requirements for this position are quite simple:


  1. Be a good fit with the culture of our team and have an excellent relationship with technology
  2. As a lot of our work is done in English, an excellent level of both Greek and English is required and that’s about it
  3.  A degree is not required for this position


You can read more about our team here – please read this before sending us your CV as it’s an easy way for you to determine if you are good fit for our team.


If you believe you are a great fit for this position please send us your CV along with your message at
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