Onboarding new team members

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It’s important to create a really good first day experience for the new members of the team. A well planned, productive first day is a sign of respect, sets expectations and provides a nice preview of the future.

Note to self: This is one of the areas that we can improve the most.

In the past we used the arrival of new team members as a trigger to change and improve both the technology stack we use (a topic for another blog), our infrastructure and our processes.

Building Good Habits: Meditation

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The 3 best habits I have developed over the last decade or so are Meditating, Listening to Audiobooks (and podcasts) and Booking time to go into slow thinking mode.

On the other hand, I have gloriously failed in getting myself in shape and exercising regularly, while the jury is still out about eating better – I have made lots of improvements in the last few years but I don’t feel I have reached a stable stage yet.

Balancing a Maker’s and a Business Schedule

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It would be really horrible though if we added great people to the team, but never allowed them the time to go into the slow thinking – creative mode.

That’s something that has been central to our team culture from day one, as we tried to build strong communication channels. Let me borrow an excerpt from another blog entry I wrote, the blog about our team. This is also the first chapter in the onboarding of new members to our team.

My first few months at a startup

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Being a millennial in Cyprus today, you know that there are certain life and career paths you are expected to follow. These are usually “predetermined” for you in a way, not only by your parents but the island’s society in general. Usually this path consists of graduating from university or college, and instantly getting a […]

Startup Weekend random thoughts

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As you probably know this weekend we had a Startup Weekend in Nicosia and it was quite good.  I personally got a lot of energy from the newcomers, sent a lot of hopefully helpful thoughts their way (ok I confused them) and had a chance to catch up with the ecosystem. I don't have a […]

Summer 2017 Internships

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Working with Great people is our passion at Ideas2life (the team behind AtYourService and Foody). Our goal is to have the most hard working, fast learning, dedicated people who thrive when working in teams join our team. The team aspect is really important and if you are interested to know more about our item I suggest that you read this blog entry about how […]

Office Administrator for foody.com.cy

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We are looking for an awesome person to join our team (the Ideas2life team which has created AtYourService and foody).   The new team member will work on foody and the main responsibilities will be to:  Create the menus of new restaurants that join foody  Communicate with restaurants and make improvements on their menu and the ordering process Provide Customer Service and support […]