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12 Jun

Looking for a great accountant to join our team

We are looking for great accountant to join our team – the Ideas2life team which has created AtYourService and Foody.

The Role

Day to day duties include:

  1. Creating and Managing Invoices
  2. Issuing and Receiving Payments  
  3. Preparing and Managing all tax responsibilities
  4. Using technology to automate and improve the accounting process


In general, this person will be responsible for all the accounting activities of and wil work under the guidance of the Chief Accountant of the Group

The Ideal Candidate

The Ideal Candidate is organized, reliable, self motivated and uses technology effectively and ideally holds a Higher in accounting.

The ideal candidate also enjoys change, and loves to automate processes with the use of technology. There is no minimum years of experience.

You can read more about our team hereplease read this before sending us your CV as it’s an easy way for you to determine if you are good fit for our team.

If you believe you are a great fit please send us your CV along with your message at

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