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Foody – Food Online Ordering.
The easiest way to order food from 200+ restaurants

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AtYourService is a marketplace for local Services in Cyprus.
You can ask for help from Professionals for any simple or complicated task!

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Our Team: The story and how it works

Having great people means nothing if you are not building a great culture that allows everyone to flourish in it. And we are doing our best to continue building such a culture based on the learnings and experiences of the team.

My first few months at a startup

Being a millennial in Cyprus today, you know that there are certain life and career paths you are expected to follow. These are usually “predetermined” for you in a way, not only by your parents but the island’s society in general. Usually this path consists of graduating from university or college, and instantly getting a […]

New feature evaluation at foody – baffling results

On the 3rd of April (2 weeks before Easter) we released a new page at foody that showed all the fasting dishes in one single page.  This is a feature that was suggested to us many times since we first launched, and quite frankly we were very excited to launch it. Until today, we were […]

Startup Weekend random thoughts

As you probably know this weekend we had a Startup Weekend in Nicosia and it was quite good.  I personally got a lot of energy from the newcomers, sent a lot of hopefully helpful thoughts their way (ok I confused them) and had a chance to catch up with the ecosystem. I don't have a […]

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