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Foody – Food Online Ordering.
The easiest way to order food from 200+ restaurants

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AtYourService is a marketplace for local Services in Cyprus.
You can ask for help from Professionals for any simple or complicated task!

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Our Team: The story and how it works

Having great people means nothing if you are not building a great culture that allows everyone to flourish in it. And we are doing our best to continue building such a culture based on the learnings and experiences of the team.

Onboarding new team members

It’s important to create a really good first day experience for the new members of the team. A well planned, productive first day is a sign of respect, sets expectations and provides a nice preview of the future.

Note to self: This is one of the areas that we can improve the most.

In the past we used the arrival of new team members as a trigger to change and improve both the technology stack we use (a topic for another blog), our infrastructure and our processes.

Building Good Habits: Meditation

The 3 best habits I have developed over the last decade or so are Meditating, Listening to Audiobooks (and podcasts) and Booking time to go into slow thinking mode.

On the other hand, I have gloriously failed in getting myself in shape and exercising regularly, while the jury is still out about eating better – I have made lots of improvements in the last few years but I don’t feel I have reached a stable stage yet.

A peek behind the curtain of our hiring process – how we do it at Ideas2life

When people ask me what it is that we are doing at Ideas2life I always say we are building a great team.   Yes we have built AtYourService and Foody but the most important thing we are building is a team of great people, that is learning how to work together, how to learn, succeed, […]

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