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Foody – Food Online Ordering.
The easiest way to order food from 200+ restaurants

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AtYourService is a marketplace for local Services in Cyprus.
You can ask for help from Professionals for any simple or complicated task!

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Our Team: The story and how it works

Having great people means nothing if you are not building a great culture that allows everyone to flourish in it. And we are doing our best to continue building such a culture based on the learnings and experiences of the team.

Working at Ideas2life is a disease

Please allow me to briefly mention the story of how I joined Ideas2life and found myself being tied, for the years to come, with the team. Some months ago I was in search of a new job for numerous reasons, one of them was the fact that it felt the proper time to join a […]

Balancing a Maker’s and a Business Schedule

It would be really horrible though if we added great people to the team, but never allowed them the time to go into the slow thinking – creative mode.

That’s something that has been central to our team culture from day one, as we tried to build strong communication channels. Let me borrow an excerpt from another blog entry I wrote, the blog about our team. This is also the first chapter in the onboarding of new members to our team.

My first few months at a startup

Being a millennial in Cyprus today, you know that there are certain life and career paths you are expected to follow. These are usually “predetermined” for you in a way, not only by your parents but the island’s society in general. Usually this path consists of graduating from university or college, and instantly getting a […]

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